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Picking and Throwing

Friends, I still haven’t knit anything. What kind of knitting blogger am I??  It’s embarrassing. Meanwhile, Cassy from Knit The Hell Out has knit three sweaters, two shawls and a pair of socks. I’m jealous of that kind of productivity.

Part of the reason I may take longer than the average knitter is my knitting style. I am a “thrower” (Like Taiga Hillard on Instragram!) but all those knitters who can “pick” or employ the “continental” style must be able to knit circles around me. I find trying to learn a new knitting style much like trying to type differently. It’s so hard to change a learned behavior.  My other excuse is that I do not currently have living room furniture – but that is a whole other story.  I just don’t have a place to sit besides the dining room table. I guess I didn’t realize how much I liked the noise of the television or radio to keep me company while I knit. I have borrowed a more comfortable chair for the dining table recently and I think I could attempt sitting there with a good podcast on.

Lately I have been inspired by knit collections of a sort. Like the #minmemademay tag on Instagram, this vintage knitting needle collection, this snap of floral hand knits, and Ella Gordon’s documented knitwear collection (so cool!).

Anyways, here are some snaps of what I have been doing instead of knitting.

A road trip to Hope BC (and I will go back to check out the Othello Tunnels next time):



Fixing up our basement suite:


There was more, but I didn’t take pictures of it. 😀



My Fashion Rules

When you write a blog, you read blogs, and I’ve read more than my fair share of fashion blogs. Since I’m described as plus size I marvel at the options thinner women have. How do they decide amongst all that choice? No wonder there are so many instructional posts and inspiration boards. As it is I just pick out what fits at the store that offers my size, so I don’t get to really make these choices. Even with a smaller pool to cast my net, I do have some fashion rules for myself and I thought I might share them with you.

1. Don’t buy white. White T-shirts always conjure barbeques where I am compelled beyond my control to have extra mustard. I’m just going to stop that game before it starts.

2. Don’t buy boots that have open toes, and sweaters with short sleeves.  There is simply no weather combination that makes those choices valid.

3. Don’t look at mass production retail for style inspiration. That stuff isn’t in style any longer than it lasts. I think fad items self destruct the instant a new fad comes onto the market, much like Kleenexes are replaced in the box. One crocheted top falls apart in your dryer as mom jeans simultaneously hit the racks at H&M (Not that I can shop there, but I wanted to keep the metaphor relatable).

4. Big boobs mean nothing with a low neckline. I spend 80% of the time out of my house at work (10% transit, 10% yard maintenance) and I forget that boobs are placed under my face and not professional looking, even when framed in a V. I think you need more serious boobs for work; ones that don’t wiggle when someone tells a joke.

5. Pay whatever it costs to have a pair of jeans that  a) does not slide down all day b) does not gap out so far at the back that it appears I am trying to funnel rain water down my ass crack c) does not choke my ankles d) has more resilience than crepe paper between the thighs  e) has a zipper that stays the eff up already, and f) actually looks good.

6. Colour is for people with joy in their hearts. Stay with what you know and keep it in the grey to black range.

7. If it’s made of plastic, it’s never worth more than pocket change. Coincidentally I just learned that it is the plastic content in tampons that puts you at risk of TSS. All cotton tampons don’t do that to you. Plastics just don’t care about you like natural fibres do. Wear more hand knitted stuff your friends give you…  he he he

On that note, I shall get back to my knitting…

fashion knits

I think those may be cotton tampon earrings on the far right. A smart choice.

Verb prompts

I’ve been wanting to post for so long, but either lack of time or lack of photographed knitting kept me from it. I decided to “break the seal” with this verb prompting post I have seen on other blogs. More knitting to come soon!
Making: I have several WIPS – crochet embellishments needed for a baby dress, a cabled hat I lost my place in the pattern with, and a new accessories pattern book just landed on my door step. So many fun things to do, so little time spent doing them. 🙂
Cooking : Grilled veggies. Actually Chris is cooking them, but I am really enjoying them. 🙂
Drinking : Kombucha! Ginger and grape.  I love that stuff so much.
Reading: Shantaram by Gregroy David Roberts. It’s great to read a book paced for the long haul. I’m in the last few pages. Join me on GoodReads!
Wanting: A make-up brush of exceptional price and dubious performance, but none the less, I wants it.
Playing: I need a new game. I play Tetris on my phone every night on the train.
Wasting: Hours on Youtube. Too much time really. I have made a decisive effort to step away from all my technology gadgets.
Wishing: There were more hours in a day, days in a week, and weeks in a year. Trite but true.
Enjoying: Our backyard, and the fun time with friends this summer.
Waiting: For the labour day long weekend so I can be camping my with Connie-girl and baby Violet.
Liking: The summer weather! It’s usually rainy in Vancouver. It’s like a real summer out there.
Wondering:  What the next home repair should be. But then, the floors for downstairs aren’t even installed yet.
Loving:  My new potted plants in the yard. I love me some succulents.
Hoping: I get a surgery appointment sooner rather than later.
Marvelling:  At how quickly kids grow. Can you just slow down a bit already? Sheesh. Aunty Violet can barely get the sweaters out.
Needing: Some yoga. I feel like I am made of lumber lately.
Smelling:  I usually avoid fragrances, but lately I have dabbled a little (although guiltily): Elizabeth and James Nirvana White is what I’m wearing.
Wearing: Jeans, as per usual
Knowing:  It’s true what they say about age and doubt.
Thinking: Mostly the running lists of things that need to be done both for work and at home.
Opening: Outlander by Diana Gibaldan for a second read before the series debuts. I am really excited, and a bit nervous. I hope they do a good job with it.
Giggling: Usually at Chris.
Feeling: A bit tired honestly. The heat is keeping me up late, and my stiff muscles wake me up early.