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Graphic Heart

I finished the Valentine’s Day Heart Blanket this weekend. Baby blankets with a heart in the middle are so popular right now. I am have seen them on Pinterest, Etsy, and at local craft markets. They seem to be a hit everywhere.

Thick knits in a wool blend are always fun to block aren’t they? I am constantly amazed at how much water wool can absorb.  I soaked the blanket in some wool wash, and then taking it out of the water was like wrestling with a clever amoeba. When I finally had enough water gently squeezed out I had to sandwich the amoeba between two gargantuan towels and stand on it for awhile to get it dry enough to lay flat.

If I were to knit this again  I think I would go 100% merino. The yarn I chose has a bit too much lift for my liking for a baby blanket. Also, if attempting this pattern yourself I might take the width down a tad and use that yardage to make it longer.  I am glad I attempted the pattern as written instead of using intarsia as others opted to as the technique was easy to learn and hopefully I will be able to attempt some fair isle in the future.

I do notice some white coming through the heart from the back, but not so much that it ruins the affect. I think you can see it a bit in the photo below (top right of the heart).


It would make a great floor blanket as it provides some serious cushion. I hope the baby enjoys it. 🙂


WIP Update: Heart Blanket

Just a quick Work-In-Progress update.  Friends with a new baby were admiring a blanket they saw online with a heart design (I see blankets everywhere now! From Etsy to local craft fairs).  Thanks to Sarah Patterson’s Valentine’s Day Heart blanket pattern I was able to offer to knit one up for them. It’s been a quick project thus far.


I went with a higher wool percentage for the yarn, but it’s such a thick blanket! I think that it’s best use may be to cushion hard floors for babies, as very few houses would be this cold to require a chunky knit blanket of this thickness.

I should have the finished project up soon, and I have made some notes  on Ravelry for anyone else interested in the pattern.