Sometimes it’s easy to knit, and sometimes it seems next to impossible for me to find the time. This shawlette came into being only because I had time off and atypically didn’t travel anywhere. That in itself is a Christmas miracle. I enjoyed long days (technically they were very short days as the sun sets in the afternoon) of relaxation and marathon movie watching. A perfect knitting storm.

Perfect knitting storms have been few and far between. It made me think about how amazing it is to actually create something. How this shawl almost didn’t happen, and may never have happened. I had a moment of gratitude for any artistic expression, and the beauty created by talented and dedicated hands. All the things that may never have been if the stars didn’t  align. Perhaps overly sentimental for crafts but I have found myself very intrigued by artistry of all kinds at the moment.  Immersing in more art is on my 2016 List of Dreams.

This A Loved Thing shawlette was knitted with Purl Soho Flax Down;  a blend of alpaca, merino wool, and linen. You can see my notes for more details on the rows I added to the pattern on Ravelry.  I improvised the last rows, and then blocked it very aggressively so it would be a little larger. I stretched it to an inch of it’s life actually,  but I’m happier with the size and how much it opened the pattern up. The Flax Down weighs almost nothing and the shawlette feels like a cloud around your neck.  I love the salmon pink colour too.

This item will also be at Mekkin’s booth for her next market. You can contact her through her facebook page for Hannahmin’s  Fibre for her booth schedule.



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