Wool from Iceland

My partner went on a trip to Iceland and brought me back some yarn! (and also some beauty products I love.)  Hands down the best souvenir gift I have ever received. I’m still so stoked about it.

Chris took some time out from his trip to visit the Handknitting Association of Iceland in Reykjavik and pick out some yarn for me. He said he hoped I would be able to make a hat or mitts with his selection and I think that would be exactly what I would want to create.  Icelandic yarn is lightweight, water-repellent, and breathable, but it’s pretty coarse. I think I may try double knitting some mitts with a softer wool on the inside.  Below are some very staged pictures of the Léttlopi yarn Chris bought me, propped in my garden. I believe the large roll of yarn is unspun lopi.  I also have 3 small balls of a black heather yarn that Chris says was spun in the shop from local sheep. I’m still learning about Icelandic wool, but this post on the modern farmer was really interesting, and gives you an idea about the sheep and the tradition of knitting in Iceland in a snap shot.

The pictures below were taken by Chris around Reykjavik, and the Golden Circle.  The scenery is really beautiful, and looks like the ideal vacation to me. Picturesque walks through stunning scenery, knitting, thermal springs, and rich local folklore. Perfection!  Did you know Iceland has faeries? Who knew? 😉

The Handknitting Association of Iceland Shop sign:


Some Icelandic sheep in action. This was taken roadside traveling along the Golden Circle:


The Blue Lagoon:

The pictures taken below are from the Golden Circle:


Thank you for the yarn Babycakes!


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