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Lichen & Moss

So, I am totally going to knit the other things I said I would knit, but I am adding this to the list too.


I was just gifted two skeins of Americo Brezo in Dark Citrine.  I love the colour so much! I wanted to knit something with texture and with two skeins I was looking at large shawl and cowl patterns.  The Lichen & Moss Shawl pattern is perfect.

This pattern in from Sue Lazenby, whose designs I am now in love with. Her designs, like Kate Davies’ work, are classic, and for me epitomize beautiful knitting design. The kind of knitting I’ve been working towards. All of my knitting thus far seems a bit like practice, and one day I will create something worth treasuring for years to come.  Classic knits like these are the garments you hold onto that not only last physically but aesthetically.

Lichen & Moss by Sue Lazenby

Lichen & Moss by Sue Lazenby

I should make it clear that I am proud of the knitting I have done so far, and the projects I have created, but I rarely knit for myself. This is something specifically for me, and it feels surprisingly like self care to knit for myself. All these stitches will be just for me, and it seems kinda beautiful.

Too much cheese?  …I’m worth it. 😛