Monthly Archives: September 2015

Odds and Ends

I recently cleared all the pictures off my camera. The odds and ends that never made the cut previously or legacy photos that I couldn’t organize. Modern data storage problems.  I thought I’d share some of the knitting and adventure pictures from the last year that I liked from this data purge.

These were taken in New Orleans, the Rockies + Alberta, the Okanagan, and of course, home.

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A Tale of Two Cabled Hats

Here is the picture my friend Ariel gave me as inspiration for a hat she wanted, and I said I would whip her up a cabled hat tout suite… and that was about 2 years ago.


I went searching for a matching pattern and found something so very close, but the 1×1 ribbing versus 2×2 ribbing really vexed me. I never did find a way around adjusting the pattern despite attempting a few times. I completed the One-Ball Chunky Cabled Hat  as written in the end, and I love the look of the braided cables. It’s the grey hat pictured below.

I added some length to the ribbing as the fit looked small to me but I think that lead to my failure to recreate the hat as pictured.  It doesn’t look like the picture as much as I thought it would, and after all this time I didn’t want to give Ariel a flop. I thought I would try again with the November Cabled Hat.  This hat was an insanely fast knit. I finished it, weaved in the ends, soaked it, and blocked within two evenings. The fit is perfect, and the antler-like cables are simple yet look more intricate than they are.  It’s a great pattern that deserves more popularity. The fit is more like the picture, although neither hat is the dupe I was hoping for. But I tried Ariel! I really did.

Here they are on my super cute co-workers:

I had to fight the urge to try again, when I remembered my list, and the other projects in the queue. So I am back to the Lucy Hat, and attempting to understand the short rows in the brim. So far all my cries for help with this pattern have gone unheard. C’mon internet, send wisdom.