Bottom-up construction during a heat wave

I finished the Thea Cardigan just yesterday. I think it’s pretty cute. I am not sure what I think of the bottom-up construction yet. I had a problem with sewing up the stitches under the arm. Maybe I am just not that great at sewing knitted pieces together. 

I really like the red buttons on the lighter grey sweater. I hope my friend likes it!  And it actually fits…

IMG_9307 IMG_9311

So the gift is complete. I am sending it off to Germany today!



4 thoughts on “Bottom-up construction during a heat wave

  1. Isabel

    Hello Gypsyfusion! I love this little baby cardigan. I have a pregnant friend who will have a baby, all going well, early next year and this would be perfect. Thanks for the inspiration! Ravelry is such a great resource for us crafters isn’t it? 🙂 Isabel


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