Unicorn mane yarn and how I wish all children dressed completely vintage

I’m working on a baby gift at the moment. I went shopping for the yarn last week ’cause the 200 balls of yarn I had already just weren’t right. I knew I wanted a fibre that was washable, as anything else for babies is impractical. I opted for a super wash merino in grey for a cardigan, and a soft cotton for another Entrechat (I told you I liked that pattern!).

The cotton is so soft to the touch I find myself disbelieving my fingers. Perhaps it’s really a blend of Easter Bunny dreams and fairy peach fuzz?  It’s so lovely. The Entrechat, although incredibly fun baby knitting, may require a fibre a tad lighter than the cotton I chose. The Cotton Supreme yarn may be a bit dense for this knit. If someone smarter than I could come up with the same pattern for a finer yarn I would be all over that.


The other cardigan pattern I selected is bottom-up construction, which is new for me. I have only knitted top-down raglans until now. The yarn is not scratchy at all, but it definitely is not the spun angel clouds I was working with previously. I also gapped out and bought a yarn for 5 mm needles, when the pattern calls for 4.5 mm… so the sizing will be off as I also didn’t swatch (for shame!). The cardigan is more outerwear anyway, so it should all work out. *Fingers crossed*. I selected the Thea Cardigan because it looked quite modern and rustic at the same time. I’m just knitting the sleeves now and will have to let you know how it all comes together. Part of me thinks this type of construction might be best suited for creating Frankenstein than a baby sweater. You know, all that stitching together.  Sorry, I am obsessed with Penny Dreadful lately and the gothic horror metaphors are slipping into this post about innocent baby knits made of cruelty free care bear fur (surely they shear in summer?).


I love knitting cardigans for babies. Part of me wishes all children still dressed like it was pre-1950, and wore hand made everything, perhaps with patches even. I am also planning a handmade stuffed owl toy for this gift. I saw the stuffed toy at Baaad Anna’s when I picked up the yarn, and went looking for the pattern on ravelry. I will try to make a smaller version of Purl Soho’s Big Snowy Owl in some leftover baby yarn I have in my stash.

So, in closing I do admit to slightly exaggerating the softness of the cotton, but I couldn’t help myself.


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