Blind Knitting Desire

The list of things I want to knit has grown significantly in the last little while. I want to knit everything all at the same time, and it’s keeping me from focusing on one project. I can’t decide which project to pick up on any given day. Just as that list has reached ridiculous proportions, I happened to come upon what may be the knitting project of my dreams. I decided I simply must have this shawl kit. The Serape Shawl was love at first sight, and it made me blind with knitting desire.  I went ahead and ordered the kit and didn’t even think about the skill level. “It will be mine. Oh yes, It will be mine.”… that is, if I can make it. I read the details after, and it requires Intarsia.  Intarsia knitting scares me a little. I have purposely avoided it thus far, and thought it would be something fun to learn when I was retired and had more time and patience.

I emailed the amazing and kind Shoshana from Wool Is Not Enough, as I sometimes do when I am in desperate need of knitting guidance, and she said I could come by with my pattern if I get stuck so that makes me feel a bit better. I am axiously awaiting the yarn now. Cross your fingers for me!

© Knitscene/Harper Point

© Knitscene/Harper Point


© Knitscene/Harper Point


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