A favourite pattern for babies + a cake

I made this little cardigan for a sweet, sweet baby who is beyond adorable. And she also happens to be named after me! The Entrechat was a perfect baby gift pattern.  The pattern is quick and easy but the final result looks like more went into it.  I made this in green as it was a spring wear, and I had this shade in a great baby merino yarn left over. Just looking at it makes me want to make another one. Make sure you check out the Ravelry link so you can see what everyone else has done with the colour scheme. So many cute variations.

entrechat1 entrechat2   

I also made a baby poncho for this gift… but word is out on how successful this project was… Maybe a matter of taste?

What was successful was this German Apple Cake I made with gluten free flour last week. The flour contains buckwheat, so the cake is much more dense than regular wheat flour.  The buckwheat adds a bit of heartiness to the cake, but it works with the cinnamon and apples very well. It was very moist from all those apples. I loved it! And I wanted to share this particular recipe because it is so easy to make. If you are going to try this yourself (and you should! So easy!), listen to the comments (under the recipe linked) and use a bit less sugar than the recipe calls for. It was fine on the sweeter side, but I would have preferred it with a 1/2 cup less sugar.

Due to rigeurous testing I can tell you it’s better than apple pie with ice cream.   


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