I was a test knitter!

I was a test knitter for the first time for Kristel Robinson. I follow Kristel on Instagram, and she called out for testers some time before Christmas. I knitted the Twist Boot Cuff pattern in a turquoise wool the photos don’t do justice. They turned out really well, and I gave the final project as a Christmas gift.  Test knitting something of this size took no time at all and I love the collaborative spirit of the process. I was given the pattern for my efforts, and I felt good about helping another knitter out.

Boot cuffs may be my new favourite thing to knit. They are what I like to call an “instant satisfaction” project. I tend to love knitting smaller projects with patterns that have both easy sections, and more interesting stitch designs or techniques. This pattern checks all the boxes for me. Knit yourself some boot cuffs!IMG_8842 IMG_8843

For anyone else who has this pattern I can offer one tip for the project. I had cast on and bound off in a stretchy style not called for in the pattern, but when I reknit I think a regular bind and cast off would work better and help the cuff keep the shape when worn.


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