Don’t call it a come back

How do you re-start a blog that has sat idle for over a year? Can you just jump back in like you weren’t MIA?  I am not sure what the blogger etiquette is. Maybe I flatter myself by assuming anyone noticed the absence. I think I’ll just try to sneak back into the mix and skip the lame excuses, mmkay?
Instead, I have some pictures of projects I have been working on for Mekkin from Hannahmin’s Fibre. I met Mekkin at a market closer to Christmas and now I’m helping stock her table. You’ll see her beautiful yarn at markets in Ambleside and Squamish this spring and summer. If you’re out this weekend you’ll see the fingerless gloves I knitted with her beautiful hand dyed yarn. Check her website and Facebook page for updates on her market schedule.

I made the arm warmers/fingerless gloves in two sizes. They have a close fit, so the two sizes seemed necessary. The yarn is so comfortable and soft. I think I’ll have to get some of the denim coloured yarn from Mekkin to make a second pair for myself. I love the denim colour! Seriously, grab it if you see it. I think it would be perfect for a simple sweater that highlights the variegation, like this Ladies Classic Raglan Pullover by Jane Richmond.  Actually, all the colours are beautiful. It’s hard to pick a favourite.

Look how gorgeous!

I’ll be posting more pictures of projects from the last year, and maybe a few cries for help on some patterns I’m still struggling with, but too stubborn to give up on.
Happy Spring my friends!

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