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A favourite pattern for babies + a cake

I made this little cardigan for a sweet, sweet baby who is beyond adorable. And she also happens to be named after me! The Entrechat was a perfect baby gift pattern.  The pattern is quick and easy but the final result looks like more went into it.  I made this in green as it was a spring wear, and I had this shade in a great baby merino yarn left over. Just looking at it makes me want to make another one. Make sure you check out the Ravelry link so you can see what everyone else has done with the colour scheme. So many cute variations.

entrechat1 entrechat2   

I also made a baby poncho for this gift… but word is out on how successful this project was… Maybe a matter of taste?

What was successful was this German Apple Cake I made with gluten free flour last week. The flour contains buckwheat, so the cake is much more dense than regular wheat flour.  The buckwheat adds a bit of heartiness to the cake, but it works with the cinnamon and apples very well. It was very moist from all those apples. I loved it! And I wanted to share this particular recipe because it is so easy to make. If you are going to try this yourself (and you should! So easy!), listen to the comments (under the recipe linked) and use a bit less sugar than the recipe calls for. It was fine on the sweeter side, but I would have preferred it with a 1/2 cup less sugar.

Due to rigeurous testing I can tell you it’s better than apple pie with ice cream.   


I was a test knitter!

I was a test knitter for the first time for Kristel Robinson. I follow Kristel on Instagram, and she called out for testers some time before Christmas. I knitted the Twist Boot Cuff pattern in a turquoise wool the photos don’t do justice. They turned out really well, and I gave the final project as a Christmas gift.  Test knitting something of this size took no time at all and I love the collaborative spirit of the process. I was given the pattern for my efforts, and I felt good about helping another knitter out.

Boot cuffs may be my new favourite thing to knit. They are what I like to call an “instant satisfaction” project. I tend to love knitting smaller projects with patterns that have both easy sections, and more interesting stitch designs or techniques. This pattern checks all the boxes for me. Knit yourself some boot cuffs!IMG_8842 IMG_8843

For anyone else who has this pattern I can offer one tip for the project. I had cast on and bound off in a stretchy style not called for in the pattern, but when I reknit I think a regular bind and cast off would work better and help the cuff keep the shape when worn.

Christmas in April

This little update is so late, it might be considered early.

I like to knit for Christmas, but this year (uh, make that last year) I didn’t knit as much as I had wanted to. I still have a list of projects I haven’t given up hope on, but I feel like I may never catch up at this point. We spent the holiday in New Orleans, and nobody needs a knitted anything there. In fact it was so humid I turned on the A/C at some points. I’ve grown accustomed to the temperate climate of Vancouver, and weather that is not cool and temperate seems extreme. I have about a ten degree window of comfort. So, I was too busy to be productive before Christmas, and after Christmas I fought a virus that seemed intent to take me down for months. I guess I will have to make up for winter’s lack of knitting this spring. Just another reason to re-watch episodes of Outlander like the obsessed fan I am.

Here is a peak at our Christmas in N’awlins:


St Louis Cathedral


French Quarter


French Quarter home in Christmas finery

The Mississippi

The Mississippi


Lafayette Cememtary No. 1

There is much more where this came from, but I liked these snaps of the city to share with you.

The stand out gift I knitted for Christmas was a cowl pattern I purchased at Knit City 2014. The Riverbank cowl was a fun and interesting knit. The beautiful hand dyed yarn is from Sweet Fibre. I knitted the cowl in Bruin. This was the first time I bought a pattern and the yarn I needed at the same time. I usually buy yarn and hope to find a pattern for it down the line or vice versa. The pattern and yarn worked so well together. This is probably the best strategy to avoid the storage problem that my yarn stash has become. I wish the pictures of the project were better, but light is hard to find in the winter months here – the cloud cover steals the light that may get through before the 3:30 pm sunset – so my project pictures suffered.



Look at that beautiful yarn varigation!

I have two gifts I will send sometime this year as belated presents. I’m knitting “Claire’s Capelet” inspired by Outlander (told you I was obsessed!) and this Lucy Hat. The Lucy Hat short rows gave me some pause so I haven’t gotten past the brim. Reading absolutely every note on Ravelry forthis pattern about how to make it happen didn’t get me anywhere, so if you have some insight please message me on Ravelry.

I think my next post will be a list of WIPs to help get me motivated.

Don’t call it a come back

How do you re-start a blog that has sat idle for over a year? Can you just jump back in like you weren’t MIA?  I am not sure what the blogger etiquette is. Maybe I flatter myself by assuming anyone noticed the absence. I think I’ll just try to sneak back into the mix and skip the lame excuses, mmkay?
Instead, I have some pictures of projects I have been working on for Mekkin from Hannahmin’s Fibre. I met Mekkin at a market closer to Christmas and now I’m helping stock her table. You’ll see her beautiful yarn at markets in Ambleside and Squamish this spring and summer. If you’re out this weekend you’ll see the fingerless gloves I knitted with her beautiful hand dyed yarn. Check her website and Facebook page for updates on her market schedule.

I made the arm warmers/fingerless gloves in two sizes. They have a close fit, so the two sizes seemed necessary. The yarn is so comfortable and soft. I think I’ll have to get some of the denim coloured yarn from Mekkin to make a second pair for myself. I love the denim colour! Seriously, grab it if you see it. I think it would be perfect for a simple sweater that highlights the variegation, like this Ladies Classic Raglan Pullover by Jane Richmond.  Actually, all the colours are beautiful. It’s hard to pick a favourite.

Look how gorgeous!

I’ll be posting more pictures of projects from the last year, and maybe a few cries for help on some patterns I’m still struggling with, but too stubborn to give up on.
Happy Spring my friends!