Life gets in the way

I’ve been thinking of my blog for weeks. As I walked to work in the dark hours of the morning, and make my way home in the dark hours of the evening I often let my mind imagine I was already home with a knitting project.
I was able to accomplish about 2% of the knitting I wanted to do. I like to knit gifts for Christmas if I can. My utopian Christmas is a home made gift exchange. In my Christmas fantasy I knit stylish cozy knits people really wear, and I receive canned preserves and baked cookies (I have a friend who is becoming a cobbler, so I am adding home made shoes to my dream list as well). Part of this fantasy is that I do feel more love goes into the things I make so I get more excited to “do” for those I love than “buy.” Still, I had about zero minutes left in the day for all that doing, and instead I went to the mall- on Christmas Eve no less. It was so unlike me.
If I wasn’t knitting, I was also not blogging. But I’m back. I can show you 2 of the 4 finished pieces I managed in the last month. Previous to December I made a gaggle of apple protectors in assorted colours which was fun for me, but along with a tweed green beret and a slouchy natural Pasha, they were never photographed. Below you’ll find a picture of a Pasha hat in black alpaca, and a lacey head wrap ear warmer in the natural alpaca I used for a second Pasha.
I visited Micheal’s, Wool is Not Enough, and Dressew where I found some great yarns for hats and purchased some knitting accessories at excitingly cheap prices. If you are a beginner, and live in Vancouver, visit Dressew to buy all the accoutrement that knitting requires. I found stitch markers I have wanted for years for 99 cents, along with the most gigantic needles ever (great for rugs and such) for the same price. They also have great yarn for beginner projects.
So, although I didn’t do the amount of knitting I wanted to, I did a respectable amount of knitting for someone who started a new job, and is still searching for a permanent home.
Here are some pictures I have taken from what I call our “second downtown-temporary-stay-condo.” The views here are mostly of Burrard street. It’s been fun watching the holiday bustle on the streets.







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