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It’s been awhile

I’m on the other side of the country now. We moved back to Vancouver for October, and I feel like I’ve been running ever since. A nice paced run, with lots of friends and family, and appointments. I’ll have to learn how to make time for blogging now that I have much more going on. The good news is it pays off in interesting pictures.

Before we left Montreal we ventured out to the Parc Olympic. We went up The Tower and took pictures from the top. It was hard to get a great shot of the city, as the humidity seemed to cling to the buildings downtown. I think you can see how green Montreal is though. I’m going to miss the beauty of this city.  We went to the Botanical Garden which is located next to Parc Olympic on the same day. The garden exhibition followed a meandering trail with green and growing statues interspersed along the way. What you can’t see in my shots were the hundreds and hundreds of people who were enjoying the park with us.  We did pick the last weekend to check out this exhibition, but I was surprised at the numbers present.


Going up


You could see in all directions


The humidity obscured Montreal cityscape


The Tower!


Botanical Garden


Mother Earth


I loved this Buffalo


This tree was the most impressive installation for me. Each bird is a different species.

We stopped in Toronto on our way to Vancouver.


I saw this horse’s ass 


I spent my evenings at this establishment (and that must’ve been after 8:00 PM)


From our walk on the lakefront

We’re currently in a temporary stay condo downtown. I love the views from the balcony. I’ve tried to take as many pictures as possible. Here is a little sample of what we get to see:


English Bay


Coal Harbour

There will be a full post of pictures from this vantage point in the near future.

Hello again Vancouver!