Mixed Bag

I’ve been working on a little of this, and a little of that, and whole lot of organizing.

I’ve completed a few pairs of mock moccasins. They are super fun and quick to make. I did a couple in the pattern size, and then tried sizing up with my own modifications.  They are so cute, but I’m guessing easy to kick off now that the cuff has a greater diameter. I’m trying to get it right. I like the shape, and the idea of slippers or booties as fall gifts for babies keeps me looking through ravelry designs for the next baby shoe to try. I made some baby fingerless mitts too, but forgot to take pictures. Drat.

socks1 socks2

I’ve been busy with my new Juicer!  I love making fresh juice everyday, and stocked up on a huge pile of organic veggies to try new combinations. I tend to like anything with ginger added, so it’s been a delicious experiment. Admittedly almost every glass has had apples and beets in it too. I’ve also gone vegan, mostly raw, caffeine free, and grain, soy and dairy free too. You’d be surprised at how much variation a diet like this accommodates.  Although I imagine I will add these items back in to varying degrees, I feel very inspired by the new recipes I am learning, and by vegetables themselves. Just being able to omit coffee for a week felt like an accomplishment.


While I’ve been here in Montreal I realize I might not always get the french sense of humour. This cafe, currently covered by construction scaffolding, is close to a park I walk in quite often. The title means “The Cow Who Farts”  or perhaps “The Farting Cow”. They serve coffee and pastries. Is this name quip, ironic, or cute? I can’t tell and it’s driving me crazy.


This bird was having a great nap next to the pond until I stopped to take it’s picture.  I love Parc La Fontaine. In the winter the large pond turns into a beautiful ice rink, but when the water isn’t frozen I enjoy walking around the pond, sometimes while the old lamps are lit up. It’s a large park, and people in our neighbourhood come to sit on blankets, play games, or watch the water, and the people. There are bike paths, and meandering pathways for promenading. The very best thing about this park is that there is an older gentlemen who sits at the end of the pond on a park bench, and plays old Parisian sounding, or local folk songs on his accordion.  He smiles so much while doing so too. It gets to me every time.

I’m taking more time for walks through the city now that the leaves have just turned. It’s not red and orange everywhere, but some trees have a clear head start. I still love all the sunshine here, and at this time of year it comes without the humidity.

old montrealWe walked around the old port of Montreal today. The weather was perfect; sunny, but brisk enough that you could keep walking forever. I bought myself a new scarf to keep the breeze out of my jacket along the way, and we went for lunch on a patio. I had lobster… so clearly I have swayed from my all veggies diet, but it was worth it. We also went into some interesting shops. These wooden carvings, below, had me discussing my absolute paralyzing fear of snakes. I’ve had people recommend options for overcoming my fear, but part of me keeps telling myself that it’s wise to stay scared.


I’m slowly adding more fruit bags, but the production has slowed. I’m trying to figure out a few hood and hat designs, and since I have had less time for knitting, nothing besides teeny tiny baby accessories are being made. This was my last upload to my etsy shop.

bananas1Have a wonderful day!


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