Sailor Vest

I made this vest for a cousin who is expecting a baby boy this winter. I used the Pebble vest pattern, but changed the garter stitch to ribbing.  I tried two new techniques with this project, which always makes things more interesting (or do I mean difficult?).

Duplicate stitch is something I just learned about. It’s an embroidery technique that mimics intarsia. The technique is very basic, and the steps are easy, but I actually had to try it several times before I was okay with the result. It’s still on the rough side, but I’m happy with it.

Because I decided to use ribbing instead of the garter borders, the edging wasn’t as polished as I wanted. To help the vest look more finished I decided to try crocheting an edge around the neck. This was also something that took a few tries, but after awhile it became really fun. I’m slowly feeling more encouraged to try crocheting again.  Crocheting edges seems like an invaluable technique, and I am just as excited as when I learned how to create an i-cord bind-off.



I was also able to improvise a loop an add a last button that looped to the back. It’s unnecessary detail, but helped smooth out the button hole spacing, and honestly, helped me hide a mistake with the cast-on edge.


When I was done the vest I had a small amount of yarn left over. I knitted the hat with the very last remnants of yarn. I needed every millimetre to close it up, but the vest seems so much cuter with this little hat.

Have a great day!


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