InStyle Magazine to Ravelry, Matchmaker Vol 2 – Capes and Plaid

Vol 2 is all capes and plaid. Along with the pictures of sweaters in the September issue of InStyle magazine were the photos of tartan and capes. I love both, so it was incredible fun to search for applicable knits. It was also very easy to find matches in both attribute and style. Yesterday’s matches were a stretch in some cases, but I think I nailed it today.


plaid 2

#13 Plaid Turtleneck by Rebecca Rosen

Checks and Balances by Boadicea Binnerts

Ceilidh by Jean Moss

Camus by Norah Gaughan, photo courtesy of Berroco

Rapt by Betsy Farquhar

Tartan Cowl by Caryl Pierre

The capes pictured below are not knits, but why stop at sweaters?


There are so many beautiful capes on Revelry. I’ve wanted one for years. I flip between a large poncho style to something like the first pictured cape below that falls mid torso. Jackets, capes and ponchos seem like great knitting projects because these items you can wear year after year, and they’re meant for warmth (unlike knitted lingerie for instance). I’m hoping this wave of cape love lasts for a long time.

Feast your eyes on these lovelies:

Dhurrie by Lisa Richardson

Cabled Fall Celebration Cape by Willa Schrlau

Noelle Capelet by Martin Storey

Hawthorn Cape by Marie Wallin

#04 Houndstooth Cape by Inge Spungen

Reykjavik – Cape by Dora Stephensen

Triquetra Capelet by Sara Morris

Winter by Kim Hargreaves

Warmth by Erika Knight

Cape 021 – T9 – 025 by Phildar Design Team

#06 Houndstooth Capelet by Mari Lynn Patrick

Vol 3 will be all about sweaters. Stay tuned tomorrow. And feel free to post your favourites too!


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