InStyle Magazine to Ravlery MatchMaker Vol. 1

I was browsing the September issue of Instyle Magazine, and for the first time contemplated trying to create something I saw on the pages. I thought it might be a fun challenge to try to find patterns in Ravelry’s mammoth database that could mimic Instyle’s editorials and ads.  For some reason I thought, “It has to exist already.”  I love some of the inspiration, and I am tempted by some of the designs and possibilities, but the challenge was mostly about trying to find it, out there, in Ravelry.

Some of the items I think I nailed. Some I didn’t even know how to search for. Sometimes the story really is about the yarn, but a more experienced knitter would be required to tell that story, and make those matches.

There are many pictures of sweaters in any fall fashion magazine, so I’ll release these in a few posts. This one is the ads I found in my iPad version of Instyle’s September issue. The next volume will include their “Sweater Girls” article and spread.

This was the first sweater I saw in the magazine that I wanted to actually own. I really love the colours, and the print.  (The black, red, and tan Navajo print sweater that is, and not the man’s sweater with the Chaps logo).


I couldn’t find an exact match but I found a couple with similar elements. I actually like all three of these, and could see myself knitting all of them:


Navajo Cardigan

Snood Bicolore Navajo

The next find was also something that caught my eye – probably because I actually shop there.


The Shapely Boyfriend sweater is made of a thicker yarn, but the style is a perfect match.

Shapely Boyfriend by Stefanie Japel

Tommy Hilfiger had several pages of ads to browse. Lots of knits in those spreads, but these caps and the dress below looked appealing to me. You basically could knit anything in navy blue and be stylish.  The Brimmed Cap by Lionbrand is crocheted, and matches the braided strands of the Tommy Hilfiger cap more closely. The others are newsboy caps that would need some shaping adjustments, but doable I think.  The houndstooth newsboy is more hip than Tommy’s (imo) but the colour work could be omitted.


© Lion Brand Yarn, © KnotAHooker, © shegeman, © NirAntae Brimmed Cap #80777 by Lion Brand Yarn

Newsboy Cap by Mai Wyn Schantz

Hound’s-Tooth Cap by Lipp Holmfeld

Tommy Hilfiger navy cabled dress:

cable dressI may be missing the finer points of what makes this version of a cabled dress more fashionable than the ones posted below, but I think you could knit them in navy for the same look.

Cable Dress by Patons

Cabled Tunic by Simona Merchant-Dest

I love the Allegheny! (below)

Allegheny by Thea Colman

A cabled dress seems pretty classic. This one is from the 60’s:

The Tralee Aran Dress by Sears Roebuck and Co.

This Nic+Zoe ad is obviously a machine knit, but I was determined to try anyway. I’m going to guess and say this might be a linen blend.

NicZOe_LinenI actually found a match! Although, not every sweater is modelled by a model, especially one that looks like Kate Moss (or, is that Kate Moss? I’m a bit out of touch).  If you imagine this linen sweater below on some one squeezing their shoulders forward I think you will agree that it’s a darn close match!

Sally’s Favorite Summer Sweater by Sally Melville

The sweater below is worn by someone who is modelling jeans, but it still counts. The shape and texture are modern, and the boxed and cropped shape is something I’ve seen in so many places. Some of the patterns I list below are clearly not exact matches, but I think in the same vein. I was hoping to find something to match the construction, but what came closest in construction missed the modern mark, but I included it at the end.


Jeanne D’Arc by Maria Olsson

Boxed Pullover by Norah Gaughan

Boxy by Joji Locatelli

This sweater has similar construction, and perhaps yarn, without the ruffles:

Gypsy Dolman by Laura Gebhardt

The Jessica Simpson sweater has elements I found in separate patterns, but not all together. This oversize, garter stitch sweater has dropped sleeves that could be dolman shaped, and what I think is cable detail on the front. The real draw is the yarn and colour mix. I wasn’t able to come close to a match which I found odd considering the vast selection of gartered, raglan, and cabled sweaters.  The sweaters listed below would need to be morphed.


The garter stitch and sizing of the oversized sweater below:

Mammas hjemmestrikkede genser! “Skappelgenseren” by Dorthe Skappel, photo © raptwithfiber

With the sleeve construction of this boatneck raglan pullover:

Boatneck Raglan Pullover by Joann Rogers

I really searched for this beautiful sweater. It’s another example of beautiful yarn, paired with beautiful stitching. The colour pallette looks like a bulky weight Noro to me. ghghghg It’s less a sweater, and more a wrap jacket, or long coat. My constant searching and perusing wrap jackets has left me coveting this sweater a little. The construction is minimal: no collar, no pockets, and no hood. It’s edged in ribbing, and the stitch looks like it could be eyelet, or possibly cabled, but due to the pile of the yarn it fades the lines. I love the colours too. It also reminds me of a Tiny Owl Knits design. I could see this in Stephanie Dosen’s design sphere.

I thought perhaps the stitch pattern was close to this coat:

06 Long Jacket with Eyelet Pattern by Rebecca Design Team

But in a size close to this, without the hood.

2153 Hooded Coat by Schachenmayr

The next posts matches Ravelry patterns to a “Sweater Girls” article. I’ll have those up by tomorrow.

If you find a better match please list those in the comments!


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