A walk in our neighbourhood

We walked about our neighbourhood for about 3 hours yesterday. Without any particular destination, we found ourselves in a park we love, and then stumbled upon a street fair, and managed to loop back in a circle to arrive home.

Here is some of what we saw, in the order we saw it.

streetfeet1 rougeknitting1 castle1 cafeinpark1 parksquirrel1 parksquirrel3 parksquirrel2 fountainA parkflowers1 dorrknocker1 phonebooths1 handchairs1 lemons1 streetart2 streetart1 streetart4 streetart5 MontRoyal1 chess1 brick1

Rogue knitting, a beautiful fountain, street sales, cute squirrels, amazing street art, and some gorgeous scenery. Montreal is a very beautiful city.


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