Workin’ on a Sweater

I like sharing the works-in-progress, but I’ve noticed a pattern.  It goes like this:

Post A:  Hey, look at this neat-o project I am in the midst of! It’s really pretty and fun, and I’m so excited to see how it turns out. Life is grand. Sing it with me!

Immediately henceforth:

Post B:  $#@! Evil mad scientists have created knitting as a special sort of torture for those who like sweaters and mittens.  Tying hundreds of knots with sticks is masochistic and weird. My shoulders hurt, and I have a headache. I need to be alone in my bedroom for awhile.  Hold my calls.

After some good coffee, and possibly some chocolate:

Post C:  Well shucks, it all turned out okay in the end.  I learned about myself.  I’m stronger for the struggle.  This little item doesn’t look so hard to tame now that it’s all over with. In fact, I’m a little proud of myself.  Huh, well, what do you know?

I’d really like to spare everyone the craft failure temper tantrum post, but it looks like until I become a better knitter, or perhaps a better knitting commentator,  the cycle may continue. Or maybe I could become less prone to temper tantrums. I promise to work on that too. In the hopes of both, I’m posting my WIP (for you non-knitters WIP = Work In Progress. Knitters were the original abbreviators long before texting evolved).

I am working on Summer Days – a kid’s bolero style cardigan. It’s super cute. I hope you can see it here if you’re not signed up at ravelry.  I am knitting it with Malabrigio’s Arroyo yarn.


I love the yarn. Nice to knit with, soft in the hands, and the colours remind me of water.

I like watching the puffy sleeves take shape. One of the things I enjoy about knitting is the sculptural quality. I feel like a 3D printer 😛 blueyarnb

Have a great day!


One thought on “Workin’ on a Sweater

  1. Kaya

    awesome post and WIP! I often go through the same process when cooking. Will think it`s all gone to hell in a handbasket, get out the pizza menu, then next thing you know it all works out and is delicious. I`m not sure why I still need the freak out halfway through, but I`m not over it yet.


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