Woven Chevron Blanket Repurposed

Every once in awhile I decide I own too many things and feel I must remove some stuff immediately. I was going through our linens and bedding and decided there was too much, but then was unable to give a valid reason to actually get rid any of it.  Conundrum. It dawned on me that instead of buying new cushion covers for some oversized pillows I have I could sew some new ones. I repurposed a blanket with a chevron pattern into two pillowcases.

A relatively easy project, but I still managed to break a needle.  I really like them, and feel very resourceful. This is what I imagined I could do if I learned how to sew. It’;s still amateur hour, but it’s really fun to finish a project in a day.  Sewing may never be my first love, but I still appreciate what you can accomplish in an afternoon.

Here they are in our spare bedroom:




I was also able to upload some onion bags to my Etsy store. If you want to check them out, click here.


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