Knitting is as Knitting does

I went to the yarn store again.  I felt less guilty about it than I did the last time, as I have made a serious dent in my yarn stash. I knitted up every last bit of cotton I had, so I needed to replenish the stock.  When I got to the store the yarn I had in mind was sold out, so I browsed until I was inspired.  I found some beautiful cotton and linen blends. Something about the idea of dressing up onions and produce in linen seemed so luxurious. I think I may tweak my pattern a little so that the fabric of the bag gets more attention.  Seeing skeins of yarn lined up makes me feel like I have jewels in a box. They are so pretty.


These skeins are laying on a cotton blanket I have plans for too.  I would like to make new covers for the large cushions I have in our living-room. I want to sew two pillowcase-like sacks out of the cotton blanket fabric. Repurposing the blanket is a good idea as I have a surplus of bed linens, but badly in need of new cushions covers. Still, the idea of cutting it is making me winch like I was cutting off long hair. It’s going to happen though, and I am going to love those cushion covers (I hope).


This produce bag I made is from a blend of cotton and viscose.  The colours from this Welsh hand-dyed yarn are beautiful. I will be selling it on etsy, along with others I have completed, very soon.



I have also been working on this lingerie piece for a friend of mine. I changed the pattern a little, and made modifications, and then found myself stranded in unknown territory. To finish it I will have to create a new top section, and because of the brain power that will take I have put it down for awhile.  I need a eureka moment. In the meantime I have to rip out the top section I first attempted, but failed to execute.

The lace pattern is lovely, and the blended linen and cotton is so soft. I really hope I can make it work.


In between fun projects I am still untangling a ball of Americo yarn.  I refuse to let it win. I will untangle it. In fact, I am seeing the light now, but it’s been a long mile of tangled string. A MILE of  knotted thread! (Can you hear the insanity creeping up?)

Have a great Sunday!



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