Onion Bag

I sent some produce pods to a farm last week, along with a new onion bag I have been working on.  They’ll be residing at Honey Grove, and may eventually end up in the Farm Store!

I’ve been trying to work on a onion bag specific pattern that would use a light weight cotton for some time. I struggled with needle size vs. net design. Finally I went with something smaller to keep the netting pattern visible, but I had attempted the pattern with a new mesh stitch, as well as at least 6 different needle sizes.   The goal was for it to weigh virtually nothing, and therefor be a help at the grocery store.  Something you could switch out the plastic produce bags for.  It will obviously never weight as much as a plastic bag, but I was hoping for something negligible.  It still could work, but I think the slight cost to using them is still prohibitive, so I will continue to see how it can be modified.  It’s still very usable, and would work great at a market – especially here at Jean Talon, where pre-weighed bushels and baskets can be emptied into the bag very easily.




I was also able to write up a pattern for the apple protectors I made. If you are interested in the pattern I am giving it away at the moment.  I just need an email address to mail it to. I may try to list it on Ravelry, but at this moment haven’t tried offering a pattern through Ravelry yet. Eventually all the items I am making will have a pattern available in my etsy store.  The apple protector is an easy pattern, but does require some patience. Working a small item with relatively large double points can be frustrating, but I’ve made five of them now, so I have a system down.


Happy Sunday my friends!


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