I have an Etsy Shop!

It’s pretty easy to set up an etsy shop. You need 20 minutes, and some  pictures of items you made. Etsy does all the work, and they do it on the cheap.  If selling your handmade goods on etsy is something you have wanted to do I would like to encourage you to give it a go.  I still have much to learn, but it’s an enjoyable process. Thank you to my sweet friends who supported my first knitting venture.

Knitting isn’t a speedy craft, and there is no way to rush things. In truth, selling on etsy isn’t about making money for me. I was motivated to sell a couple handmade items so that I could hopefully help finance my yarn habit a little. If you factor in time, it’s not a sustainable business -unless you are making small items out of huge yarn, and have great marketing skills, but that’s a different story. I also have a real love for creating still life photos, so now I have a great excuse to indulge myself. It’s really exciting for me that people take a look at what I am up to.

This is yet another post about produce bags, and the variations I keep working on. I would have liked to have shown you anything else, but really these totes and bags are all I have made recently. I added a few extra items to the store this week, and also made an apple protector I came up with on the fly to add as a thank you to my friends who are paying for what I would have given them directly had I known they wanted something like that (but thank you once again!). I’m calling it the “Bonita Apple Guard,” after the Tribe Called Quest song. Sometimes when I look at them I say, “you know you got it goin’ on.”  Just kidding. Maybe. A girl has to entertain herself somehow.

I can show you the Bonita Apple Guard, which I am writing as a pattern for etsy that will be available in the next day or so, and a netted bag I made for my friend’s birthday that I sadly won’t be able to attend (Boo me). The netted bags remind me of Mary Poppin’s purse. They look a tad small when empty. Definitely not the gigantic re-usable bags you find in grocery stores, yet, they become a little bottomless as you start adding items. I still have a couple larger netted bags in my etsy shop. My next project is the bridal shower gift, so I will get to show you something completely different very soon.





Til then,


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