Jazz festivals, Glaciers, Cirque de Soleil, and some new yarn


I have new yarn, and it’s very exciting. I went to the yarn store today and brought back what I needed for the projects I have planned.

I will be making a Lace Nightie (pictured below) as a gift for my friend who is getting married. The pattern is from Carrie Bostick Hodge, and was originally from Interweave Knits Spring 2007. The pattern specifies bamboo, but I found something that felt even softer, without any fuzz to it. Muse by philbar is made of linen, cotton, and tencel – which I found out is wood pulp.  Cellulose seems to get into everything, doesn’t it?

Picture 2

I knitted the swatch to check my gauge as soon as I got home. Then I did some reading and found out that your gauge can really vary if you are knitting in the round, so I may have to try a new approach to make sure I make something that fits.


The blue yarn is Madeleine Tosh. It will be used for a shrug size sweater for my friend’s daughter. The pattern is called Summer Days (I can hope you can check out a picture of the project here if you aren’t a ravelry.com member). I haven’t worked on a project that included short rows, but this pattern boasts that the construction is free from them.

The variegated green yarn is almost thread like, and is 100% cotton. I’m making some onion bags with this yarn, or bags you can take to the grocery store and not be afraid to use on the weigh scale. They will weigh next to nothing.


The other basket of goods contains the many produce bags and totes I have made. Some are small, some are large, some have long handles, some short. It’s a cacophony of produce bag variation, and I am still working away on new designs.

One of the documentaries I watched while knitting this last week was Chasing Ice. I recommend watching it. You can watch on Netflix, or from iTunes. The time lapse photography of the retreating glaciers is amazing. Calving is the term for  the separation or an edge breaking off of a glacier, and there is footage of a huge calving event the size of which boggles your mind. It’s both incredibly beautiful and very horrifying to see.

I also went to watch Cirque de Soleil’s Odysseo this week. It’s a revision of Cavalia that includes acrobatics, horses, and equally astounding set design. The entire backdrop is a screen, and the arena the horses and acrobats work in as the stage also has a sloping hill that curves up into what looks like a distant horizon. During the second half of the show part of the stage becomes a lake. I was lucky enough to go as the +1 with my cousin, as part of her birthday present. We  had VIP tickets. I haven’t had VIP tickets to anything, so I feel like I should give others a peek behind the curtain, so to speak. Some of the perks at the show were unlimited beverages of any kind for the duration of the performance, private bathrooms (no lines!), and a buffet dinner. So, I not only got watch the amazing show, but I did it eating chocolate covered strawberries. Life is grand.

It was Jazzfest in Montreal this week too. We got to check out some great music and enjoy the atmosphere downtown. I’m a Jazzfest connoisseur by now.  The great thing about the Montreal Festival is how close the stages are.  Vancouver’s festival, although a great one, is divided up into several stages around town.  Montreal’s festival has stages placed about a block apart, so that when one show ends you can meander onto the next.  This is a similar set up to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, but in Montreal it all happens right downtown.  The crowds in Montreal seemed really chill and accommodating, with great enthusiasm.  Montreal knows how to listen to some Jazz.

All that, plus I made the newspaper. Last Saturday’s Montreal Gazette included a story about the Women in Games chapter I helped to co-found. We were really happy our chapter had some media attention.  We’re planning events for networking and education starting in August, so any help to get the word out is helpful.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather. Bonne vacance!


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