Fruit and Veggies

I’m having so much fun designing produce bags. I get half way through one, and think something like, “the next one will have <insert overly hyped attribute here> .”  So it’s been (ahem), a fruitful process.

I also think about naming them. Which may come in handy when I post to my Etsy store!  I have one now, but nothing is listed yet.  If you are interested in listing items on Etsy I can tell you it’s probably the easiest thing you have ever done. The hard part is taking the pictures, and simultaneously making whatever item you crafted up look desirable. I read an article about how the most popular pictures on Pinterest were dissected to better understand correlations about what it is that people find so appealing about these photographs. The listed attributes included things like depth of field and preferred subject matter. I might try applying this research, or I might just do the best I can and hope the produce bag needing people will still buy my creations.

I am, of course, greatly inspired from the 2 patterns I had been working from, but I have changed all of the tote construction to suit my taste. Both of the bags I am working on for etsy are still in progress. The yellow netted produce tote still needs i-cord handles, and the natural cotton tote still has the leather ends to be tied in.  This yellow bag is entirely netted, without a reinforced bottom.  I took the picture before winding the yarn through the last stitches and closing it up. I call this yellow Seventies Counter Top.


The natural cotton tote has a soft leather  strip that I sewed around the handles. It secures the handles in a round shape while making the handles that much sturdier. If you have ever lugged a large sack of potatoes home from the market you walked to you know why this heftier handle is so important.  The handles are sewn down with additional yarn, so that if the leather was ever removed the handles would still be held in a folded design. The bottom of the tote is knitted closed for greater strength as well.


You can see the leather ends yet to be secured, but I would say this bag is 99% complete!



One thought on “Fruit and Veggies

  1. Sue

    Another successful project. Yes the thicker handles are a must and may I say experience always makes for a more useful project. What I mean by that is really only reiteration of what you said regarding packing potatoes for a long walk, only to find your hands are aching from squeezing the thin handles on the hike home. So…this has made the bag a form of perfection. Experience is also knowledge. They look very well made. Giving them a name with a colour is a great idea.


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