The madness has ended

My latest project was less a labour of love and more a sick obsession. I think I only put my knitting needles down so I could sleep this weekend. I knitted ’til my hands cramped, and I got a killer headache from the neck and arm tension.  What is up with that?

On the phone my Grandmother said I, “run hot with the knitting.”  I think she’s right. I try to divert my interest to other things, but then some idea will grab me, and I have to start working on it immediately.

On friday this Noro yarn from my stash caught my eye, and there I went. The colour variegation is gorgeous, and I think it was my curiosity about what it would look like in the end made it impossible to stop.

The pattern is called Tortuga. It was very easy to knit. I had the repeating pattern memorized 4 rows in, so progress wasn’t hampered by pattern checks, and laborious counting.

As a by product of this madness I finished watching all the Call the Midwife episodes. So charming!  They wear beautiful 50’s style sweaters I can’t help but dissect for pattern ideas. Plus, the characters themselves are knitting, so it was like a knitting feedback loop.

The shawl was blocked yesterday, and I  pulled out the pins early this morning. It’s done, and I’m free.





One thought on “The madness has ended

  1. Sue

    OOOOOhhhhh that is so beautiful!!! It looks so soft. Who is surprised you have cramped hands. I see where your passion is. I guess you are pumping projects out like you are a machine….or production company.LOL.


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