Social animals, and produce bags

The produce bags are in full swing. The pattern modifications that I was mulling over seemed to be resolved by this pattern, Bag! You’re It! (free on Ravelry). I modified the handle a tad to create more of a roll, as well as a rolled edge to the bag itself. I also prefer the look and feel of the heftier handle in my hand. I’m going to keep churning versions of these out as soon as I pick up some new cotton.

The smaller size bag is intentional. I imagine using a series of these to not only buy produce from the market, but also to store my fruits and veggies in the fridge, or from hooks we have in our kitchen.   Frees up counter space, but also helps prevent bruising both in transport and at home.  I also think they would be great if you are lucky enough to have your own garden. You can hose off your carrots right in the bag if you want.

These bags are both prototypes and gifts. The citrus bag is going to be a gift for a friend who is visiting me this summer.







And in non-knitting news…

I finished reading the The Social Animal, The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement by David Brooks this week. It’s an interesting read. I found myself reading twenty pages at a time, and then having to contemplate the implications of what I had learned.  The premiss of the story, which follows a couple from infancy to old age, was secondary to me. It really was just framework to convey new research in psychology and science about insights into behavior, how the brain works and particularly the unconscious mind.   The importance of culture seems tantamount, and the story seems to be told to remind us of the emotional, intuitive self, and that our minds exist in the context of the social animals we are.  I liked this book for it’s ability to allow me to marvel at new information, and entertain ideas of what could be. I seem somehow comforted by stories told from the perspective that we have so much to learn- that the world is not mapped out completely, and that new findings can turn the reality we know into something else entirely. I like that there is still mystery and unknowable things.

I don’t want my two readers to get too excited, but if you are interested in reading this book I am happy to pass it along. Post a comment if you are interested and I will chose randomly (I guess with two readers I could even flip a coin!) and mail the book to you. It’s hard cover, if that helps entice you. 

Have a wonderful day!


One thought on “Social animals, and produce bags

  1. Sue

    Oh….MY…..I LOVE THE BAGS !!!!! I can bet the citrus orange will be welcomed and appreciated by the happy recipient of this gift. The pale yellow bag makes me think of a basket with handles. I wonder if a stiffer, thicker cotton yarn like a twine or heavy string may be an alternative medium to create a basket shape for the counter. Just a thought. But they are very attractive and useful. The book you describe seems to be an intellectual trip. Mind boggling information. Seems it is best to absorb and process the contents a few pages at a time. Thanks for the insight.


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