She who knits watches some TV too

People who knit sometimes like to do so while watching TV, and there seems to be a few series that resonate with knitters. Much like classical music can soothe, a good BBC series seems to whisk the knitting along. I have found myself gravitating to crime mysteries lately, and after browsing the net have discovered that procedural mysteries are a very popular choice with knitters. I think it’s because you can tune in and tune out and still keep up with the predictive plot. Here is a list of options should you find yourself in front of the telly with the needles in hand.

The Women’s Land Army inspired BBC series Land Girls
The 2 part BBC series Shetland
BBC’s Downtown Abbey
BBC’s Call the Midwife
BBC’s Wallander
The Killing
Hemlock Grove
House of Cards

I’m about to start watching Luther, and we’re starting the Sopranos from the beginning too – in case you want to watch along with me.

Knitters are also known to be fond of making blankets. I hadn’t been bitten by that particular bug and in fact could not understand the infatuation knitters have with the Beekeeper’s Quilt. It’s an insanely popular project, and the feedback is that the pieces that make up the quilt are extremely addictive. It seems like the kind of thing that could take forever to knit, and I can’t delay satisfaction that long. Or could I? I found a pattern (not the insanely popular one) that asks you to make a quilt from scraps, and just looking at it makes me wish I had that much scrap yarn to use. If I ever amass that kind of overflow this is what I would make:

This blanket pattern is called the Mindless Knitting, TV Watching, Scrap User-Upper Afghan and the picture above is from MargaretDS3 on Ravelry. I love the simplicity and crazy colour mix. Margaret calls her version “Loving What Is” which makes me want to attempt it even more.

I just need a million balls of scrap yarn now.

Today I will leave you with some pictures from a beautiful walk I took in Mount Royal Park one sunny spring day:





(This proposal was painted on the railing at the top of Mount Royal over looking the river and the city. I thought it was pretty romantic)


3 thoughts on “She who knits watches some TV too

  1. Sue

    I must say I love the knitted blanket of bits and pieces of left over yarn. It reminds me of the song ‘ Coat of Many Colours’…my mamma made for me…It is a place the eye may follow a string of color wherever it may go and be interrupted by another, mixed and overlapped together like a colourful flower bed. Somehow there is a calm, serene feeling permeating the soul.

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