It’s not sweater weather

All of a sudden the weather switched on summer temperatures. Without an ocean to sit next to, or catch a breeze from, I was definitely feeling the heat. The quick weather changes are new to me, but I enjoy the way in which our new surroundings are changing and showing us something new. We’re now enjoying cool spring breezes along with the sunshine, but it’s still not sweater weather anymore.
The park by our house is almost a daily excursion, as it is for scores of our neighbours. I brought the vest along for a stroll in the park, and some friendly francophones smiled at the project and said some things I couldn’t quite understand yet, but it still made me feel good.
I completed the vest a couple weeks ago, but just got the pictures together today. The bulky yarn I used was partly left over from a leg warmer project from Christmas 2011. I topped up the yarn I had left over with more Berocco Vintage when I went to Toronto. The pattern is called Explorer by Julie Gilliver and it is an amazing value for $3. I now have a vest pattern that includes all sizes from newborn to size 5, with any yarn weight. There are plenty of vest patterns to try, but this pattern seemed like an investment. It was an added bonus that the pattern is top-down, and seamless. It was so nice to complete the neck and arm shaping first. The bulkier yarn combined with the great pattern made it a fun project that was really quick. My only set back was running out of the darker yarn for all the banding, so I hope the contrasting neckband works.



The finished product is really a thick knit. This is the kind of vest that could sub in for a fall jacket, and is definitely going to be winter wear that can be used for layering in the cold. I hope Mr. Eli gets to use it to play outdoors in his new northern home. ❤


4 thoughts on “It’s not sweater weather

  1. Sue

    Another great knitted project. Nice natural surroundings for the picture especially against the tree bark.

  2. Cathy

    Love it! I’m chicken to try provisional cast-on. How tough is it? The contrast neckband looks great. I moved to tank-tops for summer, too–finished one, second about to start.

    1. gypsyfusion Post author

      I went to You Tube and I found a knit version of the provisional cast-on. It seemed very similar to the long tail cast on actually. I could still see the join, but blocking helped soften the line.
      I’d love to see the tanks!


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