Holiday Yarn Shopping

We went to Toronto for the weekend in the middle of April. It was just before the weather turned Springy in Montreal, and Toronto for that matter. It rained most of the time, but really, that just makes for good shopping weather, and I love shopping on Queen Street.

Two of the shops I visited were yarn stores and I bought something in both. The Knit Cafe was a repeat visit. I stopped in last time I was in Toronto. I bought some yarn for my next project; the back-to-school vest for Eli. I also picked up some Noro for a shawl project. I wish there was a Knit Cafe where I lived. Their classes look like so much fun! I could finally learn to crochet. It also made me wish I had knitting friends. I do know people who knit, but not in my city. While in Toronto my friend Joanne showed me the wool socks she has been making, and it struck me that looking over your friend’s knitting work is almost as satisfying as admiring your own. (Mrs. Brown, thank you for sharing your pictures!)

The second shop I kind of stumbled upon. Americo is a beautiful store, with gorgeous yarn. I was a bit transfixed. I bought something even though I didn’t have a project in mind when I went in, but I wanted to leave with a piece of the dream, so to speak. I bought a hank of the Abrazos, a lace weight blend of Pima Cotton and Bamboo that I will be making a fine gauged shawl with for my friend Becky’s birthday present. I think it will be perfect summer knitting. I already feel the gratification. I imagine myself going back to Americo’s when I have a really special project in mind. If you click the link to their website you can imagine how luxurious the yarn felt, and also see the patterns they offer in store. All very chic. The photos below were from a phone because I did what I do on every holiday – forget the camera at home.




Oh Toronto, you had me within 2 blocks really.

Since I have been home I have finished the small details on the rest of my projects. I completed the labels for the Mad Men themed gift, and I really liked how they turned out. I think I’ll do this theme and coordinating label thing again. I took the picture with the last of the evening light in my kitchen, so I apologize for the weird lighting:


I also whipped up a baby bear hat for Mrs. S. It’s placed over a vase so it stands up.


I then boxed up 5 packages and took them to the post office where the woman at the counter told me I should really get a postal service card that saves you money on shipping. I think she is right, as I have 2 more packages ready to go at my door, and more are surely to follow.

The crib is assembled, the quilt is quilted, and the stuffed owls are hung up, so I’m also ready for my visitors too.

I hope everyone likes what they get in the mail. I am of to cast-on for Master Eli’s vest, who seems to grow a full size every time I announce I will be making him something.

Enjoy the sunshine my friends.


5 thoughts on “Holiday Yarn Shopping

  1. Jo

    You’re welcome to admire my knitting anytime :). I’m so honoured that I made your blog post! I also volunteer to visit Montreal with my two munchkins in tow…if you think we’ll all survive 🙂

    Btw- I look virtually admire your knitting. That hat is so adorable!


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