Projects A Go Go

I’ve just finished Mrs. S’s baby jacket. In fact, I took the pictures before I tied in all the ends.This jacket is knit for a size 3-6 months, and made of a silk/wool tweed blend. The baby bear hat to accompany it is still on the needles.

I still consider myself a beginner knitter, and this project’s seaming was a first for me. I have mostly knit top-down raglan sweaters for babies, so knitting the fabric and constructing the garment was new to me. The pattern was great, and despite the learning curve it came together really well.




I’m happy I chose this pattern and yarn. The blend of wool and silk make it really practical. It’s soft without any itchiness, and will keep the baby warm in Fall. Plus, I don’t know why, but I really love tweed. The one draw back to natural fibers is their care. Unfortunately, this is a hand-wash, lay flat to dry garment. I hate doing that to moms, but as a jacket for a baby I’m hoping that it won’t require so much laundering. The double breasted brushed silver buttons are possibly my favorite part of the jacket. They look a bit dressy. I think the jacket is suitable for baby boys and baby girls, although the buttons are on the right side, which I believe technically designates this to boy’s wear. I couldn’t resist dressing it up a little for the pictures, so here it is below, girl-style.


I have quite a few projects started right now. Some knitters seem happiest with several things started at once, but I like to complete one before I go on to the next. However, knitting is just one of my hobbies that is fighting for my focus. I’m still working on some drawings I have done on my iPad, and I’m learning how to manipulate the images in a new program. I have a blank canvas that is calling to me constantly. It’s looking at me now, from the kitchen. Right now would be the perfect time to paint, but painting is one of those things I have to be in an obsessive mood about, and that mood hasn’t hit. I’m also reading with a purpose lately. I usually read fiction, and those pages seem to turn themselves. It’s effortless, and I find my book in my hands without even consciously thinking of it. Right now I am reading non-fiction, and although I’m really enjoying the learning part, these are not books that find my hands on their own. They seem to require more of my attention, and contemplation, but as a result I find myself thinking of the words and concepts while I am doing other things. I’m always especially intrigued by the plasticity of the human mind. Everything from altered realities, to actual physical transformation. Two of the books in my stack by the bed are The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, M.D., and The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources to Love, Character, and Achievement by David Brooks. If you have a recommendation in this vein I would be interested in checking it out. Currently, I am reading Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth. Although I find the narrative to be a circular path, I really appreciate the focus on the “why” rather than on the end result of the problem, which in this case is extra weight. This simple book has changed my thinking, already, and I am only two-thirds through. If you are interested and the reference to God is off-putting, I can assure you that thus far God has yet to make an entrance. In addition to my obsessive love of creative projects, I am about to commit to a few out-of- the-house exploits. The weather is warm enough. It’s now time to end the hibernation.

I’ll still be knitting of course. I have 2 projects to complete for July, but that is oodles of time. First in line will be Master Eli’s back-to-school vest. I picked up some of the yarn in Toronto over the weekend, so I’m ready to go. I bought a few other hanks I am excited about too, but I’ll save those plans for a new post.

Happy Friday! xoxo


3 thoughts on “Projects A Go Go

  1. Sue

    Tweed has got a warm feeling to it. I can remember woven heavier tweed fabrics and everyone was wearing coats and jackets. They also looked sharp.Your project for baby is really a great choice. Good work Violet. I like the cuffs and the cross over front.


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