Longer winters mean a longer knitting season

Spring? Really? The snow is still falling outside, but at least staying inside to knit seems justified. If this weather keeps up I will be ahead of schedule for this project.

I completed the yoked cardigan, and am most of the way through the vest. Both patterns are fun to knit, although I wish the yoked cardigan had some suggestions on arm length. I had to guess where to decrease and stop on the sleeves, without a baby for reference. The cardigan is sized 0-6 months, which isn’t so much a ‘size’ as a rough ballpark as to when the garment may fit. With my looser knitting I think the yoked cardigan is closer to a 6 month size. The variegated yarn worked well for the body, but the sleeves became uneven in colour which I wasn’t as happy with, and the slip stitch details are hard to pick out against the striped pattern. If I were to do this again I would pick a solid colour, but I’m still happy with the way it turned out.



The vest has been a quick knit so far, and the owl pattern is much easier than I anticipated. I see myself making this again but perhaps adapting the sizing, or creating new motifs.


My goal is to complete all 3 sweaters by the end of March, and it looks like I’ll do it! I still have babies to knit for in April, but I’d like to keep trying new patterns if it works out.

Happy Spring!


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