Mad Men fever invades baby shower gift

I have a large stockpile of yarn. I bought it all with projects in mind that I have yet to attempt. I swore that this year I would actually use the yarn I have, rather than purchase more, but it took one themed present idea to throw that resolution from the rails.

My good friend Katherine is expecting a baby girl in May. She is a connoisseur of all things stylishly vintage. I wanted to knit her something vintage inspired, and had the yarn I would use from my stash already picked out: a variegated green that ranges from mint to forrest. I decided to look through the free patterns in Ravelry to see if I could find something appropriate. Browsing through Ravelry is an indulgent joy, and sometime during the imagining of my next project, and contemplating the vintage appreciation of my friend, I also started thinking about the upcoming season of Mad Men. When the dust had settled I had a plan to make three baby sweaters inspired by Joan, Betty and Peggy. I’m not sure how appropriate the theme is for an infant, but the idea spurred me on, and I am most of the way through the “Joanie.”

Of course, I didn’t have the yarn I needed/wanted for the additional two sweaters, so my boyfriend accompanied me across town to Mouliné Fils De Qualité. This was my first yarn outing in Montreal, but I only needed a chaperone so I didn’t decide to stockpile anymore than I had to. I think at one point he had to stand between me and the yarn wall, but I made it out with only a little more than I needed.

For the Joan inspired baby cardigan I am making the Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater with a cotton acrylic blend that is both soft and tactile. Joan looks amazing in green, and the yoked design mimics the squared or structured neck lines she prefers.


The Betty inspired sweater will be made with the Red Rosie pattern, and completed with fine pink cotton. The finer cotton gauge will be better for the spring and summer months, and the slightly shiny yarn will dress up the pattern. I love how the two strand pattern with buttons gives this basic sweater a vintage vibe. Betty may not have been hip enough to venture from a twinset, but the girly colour and boatneck look are my homage.


The sweater inspired by Peggy is actually a baby vest. I will be making the Owl Baby Vest for size 9 – 12 months in a rusty red. Peggy likes to dress more conservatively, and wears alot of pattern in earth tones. I think the owl vest is adorable, and I purchased another colour in case I want to make more than one.


I’ll post more pictures as I progress. I have some art work planned to bring the theme together. I hope it works out like I imagined it to.

Let me know what you think!


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